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Junior Rangers Youth Hockey Shoots and Scores here in Saratoga!

Youth Hockey is in full swing here in Saratoga Springs, as players rush in and out of the Weibel Ave. Rink on Saturday morning. The sound of sticks mashing together and pucks hitting the back of the net can be heard echoing throughout the rink. The colors of White and Blue streak across the ice, as youth skaters are warming up.

Another session of the Junior Rangers Youth Hockey is underway and today players will get to interact and learn from Rangers Alumni, Brian Mullen. It's one thing to see a professional hockey game, but to have the chance to work 1 on 1 and in groups with a former professional hockey player is an incredible experience.

The Junior Rangers Program was created by nonprofit and volunteer run Saratoga Youth Hockey to get more kids skating and involved in the next level of play. By partnering with the New York Rangers, kids get professional instruction alongside Rangers staff and even get to meet Rangers alumni. The program spans for 10 weeks, where your child will learn the basic skills of skating, stick-handling, passing, and shooting. Learn to skate numbers in the last two years have continued to grow at a steady rate making the Junior Rangers vital for skaters wanting to get into the sport of hockey after learning how to skate. It is also the perfect place to start if you have a daughter who's interested in trying the sport of hockey. Saratoga Youth Hockey President, Rodney Eddy, expressed that the number of girls enrolling in the program continues to grow every year and that the goal is to form as many girls teams as possible.

Oftentimes parents can feel overwhelmed when wanting to get their child gear and skates to begin playing hockey. Saratoga Youth Hockey wanted to make getting the right gear as easy as possible, so they partnered with Pure Hockey to help parents out. When you pay the $250 registration fee, it includes a brand new set of head to toe CCM hockey gear that's custom fitted, ordered, and shipped to your door by Pure Hockey. The jerseys and gear alone will have your child feeling like they are a part of the New York Rangers.

Safety continues to be a top priority for Saratoga Youth Hockey, as they continue to follow all protocols put together by the “Intent to Play'' committee, which was created Spring 2020 to ensure the safety of all players, parents, and coaches. This way all kids can still play with the lowest risk possible.

The next 10 week session begins January 8th and sign ups are going on right now.

To register, or if you have questions, go to, scan the QR Code, or email

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