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The Tradition of Trout Fishing on April First

It’s that exciting time of the year again. When we walk outside and hear the distinct chirping of Spring Peepers near any swamp or pond and see the first few daffodils poke their heads out from under the ground. This can only mean that it’s just about time to blow the dust off our fishing poles and get ready for the opening day of trout fishing. Every year on April 1, our local rivers and streams are stocked with trout, and anglers throughout the Capital Region can try their luck at catching some of these beautiful fish. 

Fishing for trout on April 1 has been a tradition like no other for many anglers throughout the Capital Region for generations. The sheer chance of catching a true trophy or even just a meal has had fishermen lining the banks every year on this date. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation does an incredible job maintaining and stocking our local streams and rivers, so that we always have the chance to catch something when we go out fishing. 

Whether this is your first time ever trout fishing or you’re a seasoned veteran, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has now made it easier than ever to plan your fishing trip. You can visit their website at for all the regulations, parking spots, and you can even see what size fish you can expect to catch. Additionally, if you click under the section titled “DEC Fish Stocking,”  you can see exactly when they plan on stocking the rivers, streams, and lakes in your county. 

Before setting out, I always recommend that everyone visits their local bait and tackle shops to pick up bait and to hear the latest fishing reports. Wiggly Worm Bait Supply, a family-owned Bait Shop in Ballston Lake, NY has been supplying worms and lures for the opening day of trout fishing for over 90 years. They usually have fishermen lining up at the door on the morning of April 1st to get what they need to be successful on the water. Some must-have bait for trout fishing include spinners, worms, phoebe spoons, and salted minnows. Wiggly Worm Bait Supply says that the best colors to use on our local trout streams always seem to be gold, silver and blue, and yellow with red dots. 

Every fisherman has their favorite spot, but there are a few local hotspots that always seem to produce year after year. The Kayaderosseras Creek or locally known as the “Kaydeross’,” has some great spots along it that always get stocked early. I recommend fishing the stretch in Rock City Falls, NY near the old paper mill for a shot at some freshly stocked fish and even the chance at a giant holdover brown trout. Another great spot anglers can try is along the Snook Kill in Gansevoort, NY off North Rd. where there is a designated fishing pull off near a bridge. This spot is extremely easy to access and is deep enough to hold a bunch of fish. 

This is a great year to take advantage of the warmer than average spring temperatures and enjoy the tradition of fishing for trout on our local bodies of water. There is no better way to spend a beautiful spring day, than to be outside with your friends and family. April 1st has marked the beginning of trout fishing for decades and continues to be an exciting date to look forward to every year. 

See you on the water on April 1!

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